"Blue Angel"  ORIGINAL Acrylic on canvass 20x24  
"Mystery on Janus"  ORIGINAL Acrylic on canvass
"Night Hawk" ORIGINAL Acrylic on canvas  20x24 
"Queen of the Hunt"  ORIGINAL Acrylic on canvas 24x30
"Full Dawn"  ORIGINAL Acrylic on canvas 24x30 
"Fire Beasts"  24x30  ORIGINAL Acrylic on canvas 
"A Binding of the Spirits"  ORIGINAL Acrylic on canvas
"Tears at Fallingstones" ORIGINAL Acrylic on canvas  24x30 
"Desert Gems"  20x24 ORIGINAL Acrylic on canvas 
"Sacrifice"  20x24  ORIGINAL Acrylic on canvas 
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I consider myself an outsider folk artist, realizing though that a label on a bottle of wine does not change what is in it. My personal interest in my work lay in discovering and witnessing the art for myself, peeling away the many layers of meaning at the heart. I gather all the innocense I can muster and take a spiritual journey to the visions of our ancestors. I see, " Their spirits rise from mystic mountain lakes. Their ghosts dance their rituals to the rythms of the pipes, rattles and drums. They whisper their haunting chants upon an ancient wind that echos through the canyons of time. They speak of the past and present, of old visions and new, as if they were the same. They say we are like peices from different puzzles that fit together into a devine purpose. That we are as a single pool of water reflecting the images of our lives towards the heavens. As the Darkness Weaves their spirits leap to the Drum beats, and the Rattle shakes as the Pipe weaps." Nirider 2001
My Exhibitions:

My art is my hobby-it's the way I think and experiment with ideas and concepts. I try to blend the spiritual and surreal together in unusual ways.  I often use omniscient viewpoints to portray just how unusual true vision is and how it takes shape through the distorted perceptions of the human mind and eye. In some paintings I use Native American Micmac  hieroglyphics  in order to incorporate additional visual communication within the painting.  With the use of a scroll provided within each painting one can decipher the script - Maybe Indiana Jones would like these.  For the most part I consider some of my work American continental, mixed culture and some modern/surreal.
"Spirits of the Mask"  30x40  ORIGINAL Acrylic on canvas 
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